Just imagine if you could actually go for a walk in your neighbourhood without choking on the smell of fabric softener sheets? Or take the elevator to your condo without gasping for air?  Or perhaps you’re not even able to tolerate the smells in your own condo or apartment coming through shared ventilation.

Sniffing out fragrance and chemical free housing can be quite a challenge. Phillip, an Ottawa-area resident who suffers from Environmental Illness, launched the Canada-Wide Housing Connection (CWHC) – a word-of-mouth network that helps connect those with EI and MCS with safe, compatible housing. This is modelled after a similar organization that exists in Arizona where he used to live. According to the article in the Star, October 18, 2008, if you have a house, apartment or room for rent for chemically sensitive people or if you are looking for a house or a room to rent, Phillip will try to make a connection. He welcomes calls from Canadians (613-278-0463).

The article also states “that while smoke-free buildings are gaining interest in North America, fragrance and chemical-free buildings haven’t been in huge demand. But there is one in Nepean, Ontario, a project called Barrhaven environmentally sensitive units-the first non-profit social housing project in Canada designed and built for the environmentally hypersensitive. It was built 12 years ago with seven units designated for those with environmental illnesses. “

Safe Housing Ottawa Inc. is building a 33-unit apartment complex specially built with the environmentally sensitive in mind.

Anything in Edmonton?