Baby oil is 100% mineral oil. This commonly used petroleum ingredient coats the skin like plastic wrap.18  The skin’s natural immune barrier is disrupted and the oil stops the skin from releasing toxins. Your poor baby; Sounds a bit suffocating, doesn’t it?

Many paediatricians tell parents not to use baby powder on their babies as it can cause respiratory distress, sometimes even death. But it smells so good right? Wrong!!!!

In a recently released report “No More Toxic Tub”, the non-profit Campaign for Safe Cosmetics revealed that tests on some of the most popular infant products, like Johnson and Johnson Baby Shampoo, proved the presence of potential cancer-causing chemicals.

Remember you have a choice, If not for you, do it for your children or change now for your future children.  Change one product at a time. Go from scented to fragrance free and then to chemical free.

18 – Guide to less toxic products, Environmental Health Association of Nova Scotia