By now you may be feeling extremely overwhelmed with information. Perhaps you realize for the first time that you are, in fact, sensitive to the many scents and toxic chemicals that are present in your environment. Or perhaps you now realize that like 1 in 3 people, you are showing some signs of reacting to chemical triggers. Or maybe for your own health and well-being, for your family or your future family, you now realize it is time to clean up your act and get rid of these toxins once and for all.

Detox your Home & Body

Service provided by “The Perfume Eliminators”

  • A male & female team who have experienced the effects of Multiple Chemical Sensitivities or Environmental Illness will provide an onsite evaluation of your home.
  • They will go through all your personal care and household products, identify the toxic culprits, transforming your home and body into a toxic free environment.
  • A starter kit of alternative products will be available upon request.

For costs and to book an appointment, contact: