You've come or stumbled upon this website because you or someone you know is adversely affected by scented products. Approximately 3% of Canadians have been diagnosed with environmental sensitivities and up to a third of the population may be experiencing discomfort.1 It may be from:

Body Lotion
Air Freshener
Laundry Soap
Household Cleaners

or any of the many scented products we all use or are exposed to on a daily basis. You (they) may be experiencing:

Problems with Anger Management
Chronic Pain &/or Fatigue
Difficulty Concentrating, Memory Loss
Breathing problems
Headaches / Dizziness
Stomach Problems
Erectile Dysfunction
Irritated Skin, Eyes &/or Nose

We invite you to open your mind to new possibilities and consider the option that there may be other reasons why you (or they) are not experiencing optimal health and well-being. Check it out. What do you have to lose?

The information and advice given in this website is designed to help you make informed decisions about your health. It is not intended as a substitute for any treatment that may have been described by your doctor. If you have a medical problem, we urge you to consult with your physician. By using this website you agree to not hold liable the website owners, supporters, advocates, sponsors, writers or any other affiliated parties for any information, statements, opinions, products or links contained within.

1 - Canadian Human Rights Commission Report Accommodating the Environmentally sensitive protects everyone

John Tywoniuk His Obituary / Eulogy

July 7th 1951 –  April 14th 2024; John was born in Barrhead, Alberta in 1951. He grew up on a farm. At age of 11 he moved with his family to the town of Barrhead , then to Edmonton, at age 13. John was always involved with hockey and was a natural, playing on the […]

Leslie John Tywoniuk was Mr. Dynamic Resilience

Yes, Leslie John Tywoniuk always had Dynamic Resilience.  That is what I always said, mom and dad, like the saying, the Dynamic Duo.  Sadly Jonathan thought he could use my saying.  Sadly he is not like my Father at all.  He even stopped talking to him, like the normal Cause a Problem and Run Away.  […]

Toxic Washroom at Canadian Tire

I do like shopping at the Canadian Tire store, it is a good place.  BUT nowadays you walk into any store / business and all you can smell is hand sanitizer and scented wipes.  My nose starts to drip.  Then it gets to my stomach like a laxative.  Now I need to use the washroom.  […]

Covid-19 “Long Haulers”

My take on Covid-19 “long haulers”? Have you seen on the newsinterviews with Covid-19 infected people that have recovered, to apoint, after the fact? The doctors explain that Covid-19 triggers theimmune system to become overactive. That continues, even afterother symptoms have alleviated, the overactive immune system keepsattacking the body.The majority of these people that I […]

Buying a New Dryer?

Look out for toxic complementary scented dryer sheets in your new dryer if you are wanting to buy a GE model.  I bought a new stand up unit for the basement.  After the delivery guys dropped it off and got it in the basement, which was quite a mission on its own, I opened it […]

Leslie John Tywoniuk loses his final battle

Toxic Fragrance ends his life Just imagine you are 96 years old and feeling not bad.  The care workers get you up in the morning and all is well.  They get you dressed for breakfast.  But on the way to the dining room, all chaos breaks loose. My father, Leslie Tywoniuk, starts going out of […]

Leons Furniture – 50% Restocking Charge – All Purchases Final

I went to Leons Furniture to buy a power recliner love seat. I spoke to the salesman and I stressed how important it was for me to get a non-toxic product with no scents or smells. Or else NO Deal. There could be no fire retardant foam or any treatment on the material. He assured […]

Catalina Tywoniuk

Catalina Tywoniuk gets violated once again by the narcissistic nail polish pusher. After she passed away, yes, her daughter not only went against her final wishes and put her on display with a viewing, she had them put nail polish and lipstick on that she supplied, and told the funeral home to do her hair […]

Darlene B. pushes HER Mother to use nail polish. WHAT COMES NEXT?

Is my sister evil and wicked? How stupid can she be? In my opinion she is and she just proved it multiple times. Some education / information on nail polish. I have tried with my sister and it did not work. She thinks she is smart, but NO, so obvious. Just a note, I am […]

Catalina Tywoniuk Struggles with Fragrances and Fumes Too

Catalina Tywoniuk, my mother, is in the Assisted Nursing Home new residence of Lifestyle Options. It was very toxic at first, but not their fault. The company that supplies the scented laundry soap has this on their label: “This is a phosphate free, bio-degradable and environmentally responsible product formulated using the newest polymer technology. It […]