Look out for toxic complementary scented dryer sheets in your new dryer if you are wanting to buy a GE model.  I bought a new stand up unit for the basement.  After the delivery guys dropped it off and got it in the basement, which was quite a mission on its own, I opened it up and to my surprise, there was a box of fragranced fabric softener sheets in the dryer.  I ran out with the box but the delivery guys had already left.  The scent inside the dryer was so strong, I called to have them return and get it out of my house.  They thought I was CRAZY.  We put our masks on and tried cleaning it with bleach.  That did not work.  We repeated many times, no success.  I came up with the idea to put an old bath towel in a pail with lots of bleach and water, got it very wet then put it inside the dryer wet.  Soaked towel in bleach water and dried it repeatedly.  After six times, we made a big difference.  I called the supplier many times to try to explain the process.  They said they would send another dryer out, caught at the packaging warehouse and would not put dryer sheets in it.  When it showed up, I had them open it up outside and yes, there was still a box of toxic dryer sheets in the new machine.  I tried to educate them, but no luck.  We ended up keeping the first dryer which is finally becoming useable.   Just think, forcing dryer sheet toxic products on everyone that buys a new machine.  Violated, not right!  So be on the look out.  Send it back!  Makes a difference.  It might help!