Toxic Fragrance ends his life

Just imagine you are 96 years old and feeling not bad.  The care workers get you up in the morning
and all is well.  They get you dressed
for breakfast.  But on the way to the dining
room, all chaos breaks loose.

My father, Leslie Tywoniuk, starts going out of his mind,
yelling and shaking, cannot talk properly, having spasms and convulsions.  The workers get him back to his room, undress
him into a night gown and call Emergency. 
He is taken to the hospital.  My
Dad never recovered.

Upon the removal of his personal belongings in the residence
room, we found a laundry basket with the clothes he was wearing on his way to
breakfast.  To our surprise, the shirt
was one of the most toxic pieces of clothing I have ever smelled.  It made me violently ill. 

I was in shock.  It
was not his shirt, did not belong to him. 
Somehow it got into his closet with his wardrobe.  Yes, that is what killed my father.

 Just imagine the
owner of that shirt.  What condition is
he in, if he is alive?  His family
washing his clothes in toxic fragranced laundry detergent and making him ill
and / or dead.  So sad.

Then my poor father, tortured.  What a traumatic experience that he never
recovered from.

I felt so bad, not to have been there at that time to
protect him.   Who can you blame?  No one, except the company that produces the
toxic chemical fragrance products.  It
should be against the law but there are no regulations.  It should be like food, but it is not, they

And another sad note. 
His daughter and her family never visited or talked to him for
approximately three years.  What were
they thinking?  Talk about mental elder
abuse.  Now they have to live with
that.  They ran out of time to come to
their senses. 

Just imagine a 96 year old war veteran, not respected.  But they still have time to get mental help
for their son and themselves too.  A
family counselling program would be best. 
You never know, even a self-centered spoiled brat might learn something.

But if Princess ā€œJā€ has not got it by now, he most likely
never will.  In his world it has always
been all about him.  And HIS PARENTS