My take on Covid-19 “long haulers”? Have you seen on the news
interviews with Covid-19 infected people that have recovered, to a
point, after the fact? The doctors explain that Covid-19 triggers the
immune system to become overactive. That continues, even after
other symptoms have alleviated, the overactive immune system keeps
attacking the body.
The majority of these people that I have seen interviewed on TV look
like mannequins. Many of them are women, many are made up with
vanity products, make up and personal products. Their poor long-term
recovery might be the side effects of Covid shock to the system. Is it
possible that being exposed to the toxic chemicals in the personal
products is interfering with complete recovery from Covid-19? Then
you are us???
Maybe after many years of using toxic personal products, a person’s
health is already less than optimal. Now their body will not tolerate the
abuse any more. If they would accept this, in the long run it will be a
good thing for them. The best for all, sooner or later everyone will
understand it as long as they do not kill themselves first. We have seen
many people that rejected the idea of giving up their scented products
and then came around after experiencing illness from exposure to toxic
We all hear how people are especially affected negatively by Covid-19 if
they have underlying health conditions. Users of personal products
that contain fragrance and other toxic chemicals have underlying health
conditions and don’t even know it. And they wonder why they are
having difficulty recovering from Covid-19…