I do like shopping at the Canadian Tire store, it is a good place.  BUT nowadays you walk into any store / business and all you can smell is hand sanitizer and scented wipes.  My nose starts to drip.  Then it gets to my stomach like a laxative.  Now I need to use the washroom.  Not good.  It must have toxic air products.  I am wearing my mask.  I get in and out as quickly as possible.  Now I get out of the building.  In the parking I take off my mask. What is that SMELL??  It is ME!  I had to put my coat in a bag and drive with the windows open.  In the winter.  Yet the pine tree smell is so sickening, I get to my shop and change all my clothes.  Then I make the call.  I ask to speak to the manager.  The lady that answered the phone asked me what it was I needed.  I explained and she said “I know what you mean.  The lunchroom washroom is the same.”  She hates it.  I told her this was her lucky day and asked to speak to the General Manager.  Unfortunately, he was like talking to a wall.  I told him I will do a follow up. 

It was bad before Covid-19.  Now it makes it worse.  Nobody should be around any synthetic scents.  Not customers, not employees.  It compromises your lungs, among other things.  It seems some of the washrooms are equipped with sprays that shoot out toxic fragranced products on either a timed basis or triggered by a movement sensor.  Isn’t that nice? You walk into a washroom and it is set up to spray you in the face!   If you ever encounter this, please make a call to the store.  Give them feedback.  Help educate them.   It will make a difference!