Yes, Leslie John Tywoniuk always had Dynamic Resilience. 

That is what I always said, mom and dad, like the saying, the Dynamic Duo.  Sadly Jonathan thought he could use my saying.  Sadly he is not like my Father at all.  He even stopped talking to him, like the normal Cause a Problem and Run Away. 

My Father, a decorated war veteran, deployed on three different tours, made it through the war.  To the end, he was a runner on the front line.  That is why I always said he was resilient.  In any situation.  Just think, Jonathan did not want to hear my name when my Father, Leslie John Tywoniuk, mentioned my name.  Jonathan (Princess J) got up and said to my Father “I told you not to mention his name in my presence.”  It was in my Father’s house and of course Dad educated him, but Jonathan ran away and never talked to him again in the last three years of his life.  Did not attend his Celebration of Life either.  Along with his mother, Darlene.  What  a pair, not dynamic or having any resilience to fix a problem he created L.O.L.

Too bad his parents are puppets and Jonathan is the puppeteer.  Never visited Dad in his Care Home ever, never brought his great-grandchild to see him.  Shame on them!  Poor Dad, even his last years fighting fragrance issues, problems he did not need more.  We would go to visit him and the first thing he would say is “Why will Darlene, my daughter, and her son not visit me.  What did I do that was so bad?”  They had their chance to fix what they did but no, just ran away from the problem.

I know they have to live with that.  Too late, he is gone, passed away, but their problem if they have a conscience.  That is what Jonathan always did, he even had to move schools many times, creating problems and not taking any responsibility for it.  Never wrong or could never say sorry.  The Perfect Child.  L.O.L.  Yes, Darlene you molded him to be a monster.  I call him The Devil Child.  They thought he was a love child.  Yeah, right.  L.O.L.  The apple does not fall far from the tree.

He has some nerve offering to fix people’s problems for a living, not qualified.  He has not even apologized to his Grandma, Ann, for asking to take down Dad’s pictures or cover them up, then he would visit and bring his kids, her grandchildren she has never seen.  Wow!  Just imagine.  Hard to believe but true.  Thanks for reading this.  We need respect for our veterans.