Is my sister evil and wicked? How stupid can she be? In my opinion she is and she just proved it multiple times.

Some education / information on nail polish. I have tried with my sister and it did not work. She thinks she is smart, but NO, so obvious. Just a note, I am 55 years old, she is 70.   Here goes, anyone reading this, please continue. When you apply toxic nail polish, your nails cannot breathe so they become very unhealthy. That is why they get dry and yellow with white spots. Then you want to cover them up and hide them under more nail polish. What comes next?

Nail polish remover, ACETONE, to remove the paint, which absorbs into your skin. Then into your blood stream and yes, your kidneys and liver try to process it. And we all know that breathing it into your lungs, not to mention absorption through your eyes, also introduces it into the body. That is why I have tried to get my Mother to stop letting Darlene talk her into using the product, but nothing works.

When I went to visit my Mother, I found out that Darlene applied nail polish again that day. So I raced to get the toxic remover acetone and brought two charcoal filter masks for my Mother and me to wear and also a pair of gloves. I wore gloves on my hands and do you know how bad I felt applying the product on my mother’s fingers? But I did it very efficiently, the best I could, fast and carefully. And it broke my heart once again but I thought it would be the last time.

Then I went back the next night to find out the evil wicked daughter (Darlene) applied nail polish again. I asked my Mother what happened and she said “Darlene did it even though I didn’t want it and she asked why do you always listen to David and not me?” That would obviously make my Mother feel bad, so she would let Darlene do her thing.

Good thing for Spy Cameras. I was prepared for the worst, more entertainment for the family to view. But yes, it should be on YouTube.

I could tell you many stories regarding Darlene but they are not Fragrance Free related so I will keep them to myself. Darlene does this to try to get back at me, it is not fair to Mom. And I asked Mom what she thought of it; I suggested elder abuse.

So sad doing it out of spite to me. My poor Mother, a weapon in the war, so now what can I do? Please contact me with suggestions.

Yes, my evil sister has always used nail polish and one of the long term side effects is brain damage. Could that be her problem? She was always a bully according to my Dad. Darlene would throw her weight around with my brothers, literally body checking them.

I hope this helps on awareness about nail polish and remover usage. “Be Smart Not Stupid” like my sister. Think what you are doing to your body, no matter how old you are. Research all the long term usage side effects on nail polish and acetone nail polish remover. You do not want medical problems, including brain damage. Just think, my mother is 89 years old, almost 90 years old, subjected to those toxic products, thanks to the nail polish Pusher, her daughter. When will she get a conscience and how does she sleep at night? Even if my Mother wanted or begged me to use the product, I would not let her, for her own good.