My name is Bonnie and I own a home in Grande Prairie. I have a serious medical condition called Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and I am now being forced out of my home by the city by laws.

I was a hairdresser for 20 years and developed Multiple Chemical Sensitive’s, a serious condition which gives me mild to life threatening problems such as neurological and systemic reactions from common to everyday chemicals.

One of the only treatments for my condition involves avoiding the chemicals and since chemicals are everywhere, I am virtually imprisoned in my home.

I was on WCB until September of 2005.  WCB then told me to go back to work. I found a receptionist job and within 6 weeks was in full blown symptoms and had to, again totally isolate myself from all potential chemical exposures.  I became incredibly ill at this point. I basically laid in my house for the next several months until by hands were healed enough to start using them again and had enough energy to begin to function properly.

I live with the very real threat of being exposed to chemicals that at any point could make me ill for weeks or months at a time.

I have lost my health, my career, my social life, and most of my friends from my injury.   Renting rooms is my only way to keep my home and my health.

I have lived in my home for 8 years and have changed everything in here-right down to my flooring- so it would be safe for me to live in.  Even for me to go to a store for food can leave me ill and often does.

Before I began renting rooms I told the city and they said it was fine to do so, all they were concerned about was my window size, in case of a fire.  I measured them and was told it was ok for me to let people rent rooms.   I asked if I needed a paper from them to say I could do so and she told me I did not need anything.

On Thursday, February 11 2010 a renter, who had been here for 2 months, wanted to leave in the middle of the month because I wouldn’t give him half his rent money back so that he could go on holiday to Nova Scotia. He bought a perfumed shampoo since I react to scents and he threatened to use it again so I gave him a 24 hour eviction notice. Out of spite, he went to the fire inspector and told him that the basement was unsafe. The inspector came here and started going through my basement saying it would cost me up to $10 000 to get it fixed up to this new tenancy by law if I am to keep my tenants.

I have spent lots of time finding the two borders I have who respect and understand my situation and they have changed their lifestyle to accommodate my health needs.  They enjoy living in my home and have no issues with their safety.

If I have to make my renters leave-which has now become my only option-and sell my home I will end up homeless or living in my truck. I am not even able to get a price for my home that covers what I owe.

This is how hard it is for me to find a place to stay. I went to Edmonton this winter for a WCB appeal and there was not one room in the entire city that would accommodate me.  Consequently, I slept in my truck on December 15th, in a parking lot in the middle of Edmonton.

I don’t even have enough money to apply for a development permit so that I can get an inspection; much less afford any construction work. I had hoped to move to an acreage and be able to start an organic garden this summer to make a living for myself.  Now I am unable to do even that.  I will lose everything unless I can continue to rent rooms or sell my home.

It seems to me that I being made an example at the cost of losing my home and what is left of my health. It is a known fact that there are hundreds of suites in Grande Prairie that aren’t up to ‘code’ and it is being overlooked.

Anyone want to buy a house or help an almost homeless lady out?