Vernon Barford Junior High School website states:

We Are A Scent Free Environment

“There are a few of our students who have serious allergic reactions to scented perfumes and hair sprays.  We are asking, for the safety of these individuals, that students, staff and parents avoid the use of such items when in school.  As well, the odour associated with the popping of popcorn causes difficulty for some of our students.  Please do not send popcorn to school unless it has been

pre-popped.  Your understanding and cooperation are appreciated.”

The brochure for NorQuest College “PUT YOURSELF IN SOMEONE ELSE’S NOSE” promotes their Scent-Free Campus. They even provide a card that lists some fragrance free alternatives to try.

Thanks to the efforts of Spencer Elliott, Sturgeon Heights School is scent free.

“While in my grade six class (2007-2008) at school, a part-time aid came into help teach us math. Because she was heavily scented I could not think straight or concentrate, I asked the teacher if I could work outside. He was aware of my sensitivity to perfume so he allowed me to leave. Within five minutes another student joined me, who was also being affected by the toxicity of her products.

At the end of the hour long class I went back into the classroom, once the aid had left, and just for fun took a survey of how many had headaches, brain fog and/or other signs of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity from the aid’s scented products. A staggering 11 out of 23 showed signs. I went to the trustee of my school with these facts and within 3 months of this incident my school was   scent-free. As the staff became scent free, they became less grumpy and less irritable than before”.  Way to go Spencer.