Catalina Tywoniuk gets violated once again by the narcissistic nail polish pusher. After she passed away, yes, her daughter not only went against her final wishes and put her on display with a viewing, she had them put nail polish and lipstick on that she supplied, and told the funeral home to do her hair and make up. This breaks my heart and just imagine my poor mother. Mom and her sister Rose, who also passed away a little over a year ago, had the conversation that if you can’t visit me when I am alive, do not bother after I have passed away. Neither Mom nor Rose wanted to be put on display at a viewing. Rose did not have a viewing, but contrary to my mother’s wishes, she was put on display. My mother always asked “What did I do to my only daughter to make her HATE me?” Yes, my sister, who has always been a bully, got Mom in a vulnerable state to sign the power of attorney and executor so this is why I had no control over what happened. SO SAD. My three nieces are in the medical field and they have labeled my sister as a narcissist. Most of the family agrees. Now that my sister cannot punish my mother anymore, who do you think came up with the name Princess J. for her son Jonathon? She always was very witty with a sense of humour, my sweet gentle mother. Teach me wisdom. Teach me love.

To set the record straight, my sister is twisting the truth. I was in charge of the cremation that she handed over to me. I was talking to the coroner after I left her home, the night Mom passed away. He ran after me and asked if I wanted her jewelry now or later. I had to stop and think. It made sense to take it so he brought it to me. Luckily I took the jewelry so we had something to put on display at her Celebration of Life. Because my sister took back control of the cremation, a special thanks to the coroner. It is nice when things work out. Good prevails.

I wanted to have Mom’s ashes at her celebration but my request was refused, I am not sure why, but my sister, holding the responsibility of power of attorney and executor put a stop to it. But like Mom always said when someone did her wrong or was not nice, she would say That’s Okay, so we will go with that. My sister also had Mom put in her final resting place without the opportunity or notice for anyone else, family or friends, to attend that I know of, certainly not me or Gina. So sad. But like Mom would say, That’s Okay. I still do not understand why my sister would not attend my Mother’s 90th birthday celebration last year or the gathering celebrating her life after she passed away.

Can you believe the latest? Now I am hearing that my sister is telling people that I robbed the jewelry off Mom’s body and that when I took my Mom out of her nursing home on Sundays, I was stressing out Mom. That is so untrue because Mom loved our outings and looked forward to them. We would go visiting family and stop at her favourite places for a snack. And she enjoyed being out of the home and feeling the sun on her face, breathing the fresh air, always wanting the windows down and no heater on. If I would ask if she was ready to return, she would say “Are you in a hurry today?” I used the wheel chair van I purchased to transport her, so there was no stress there. When we visited Mom on Mondays to return her washed clothes, she was always in a good state. She also looked forward to our visits on Wednesdays and Fridays as we would make a point of bringing her favourite foods. The people I took Mom to visit would confirm how much she enjoyed it. I truly believe that this is my sister trying to justify in her own mind why she never took the time to get to know our Mother as the cute, humorous, gentle, witty, deep thinking person that she was.