My name is Judy and I am a living testimony for the use of fragrance free products. I have known David for over a year now and I had very many health issues. I had difficulties breathing, constant stomach pains, and very severe headaches. I use to miss work twice every week due to my health issues. I had doctor’s appointments almost every week but they could not diagnose or tell me what was wrong. I took lots of allergy pills over the years but my symptoms persisted. Nothing seemed to work and I was getting very frustrated for not having an answer to my health problems.

All that stopped when I met David and I started talking to him about my headaches and stomach aches. He asked me if I used scented products and I told him yes. He introduced me to fragrance free products and at first I didn’t think they would really work because I thought I had a life threatening disease. He taught me the importance of using fragrance free products and how my life
would be easy and said I would get my health back. All that came to reality when I stopped using scented products and I could not believe the change I saw in my life. I also try to avoid going to places where people use scented products. I am now living my life and having lots of fun and I have not missed work for almost one year. Thank you so much David for your help. Continue with your good work.