Sunday brunch with family and friends is usually an enjoyable experience.  The biggest stress is to find a table that looks safe, away from scented people.  I can usually pick out people who smell like toxic chemicals, just by the vanity products they use, such as hair products.

May 26th started out well, and when a large group sat near our table, we moved to a corner and once again, all was good.

Then it happened.  In came a middle-aged man, covered with cologne that smelled like strong bug spray.  A toxic cloud filled the room instantly.  Interestingly enough, not only were we sickened, a man and woman sitting close to him were also having negative reactions.  It was like being in a horror movie when the monster makes his appearance.

The couple were in a panic, making it known how disgusting and upsetting the toxic chemical, bug spray smelling aftershave was.  The gentleman, obviously suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, ran outside as quickly as he could.  The lady tried to explain to the waitress that they had to leave due to the other customer’s gut-wrenching smelly cologne.  I approached her and gave her my business card to let her know they were not alone in this situation and provide support.  I also gave the smelly guy a card, and explained why we too had to leave.  A manager approached and tried to tell us we were not behaving appropriately in the restaurant.  I quickly pointed out how wrong she was.  Why should we be concerned about offending someone else, when they are not only offensive to us, they are making us sick?

Our waitress was very understanding, and told the other couple and us that we did not have to pay for our meals.  This was very kind and understanding, especially since we were not able to stay and enjoy the food, but the restaurant lost five paying customers due to one smelly guy.  The really sad part is that the stinky guy himself is not very healthy looking and appears to suffer from a serious skin problem.  He probably douses himself in smelly toxic products, trying to feel better about himself.  Little does he realize these chemicals are causing or contributing to his health problems.  It is very unfortunate and sad for him that the truth about these chemicals is not better known.

I regret not asking the lady to call us and keep in touch.  It is always great to meet others who live the Fragrance Free Lifestyle, getting to know them and share experiences and health tips and provide support.  It is difficult to spend time with friends or have a social life when most people use some kind of scented products containing fragrance.

If there are any other people out there that would like to meet and socialize or communicate with us, and who are fragrance free, it would be nice to hear from you.  Just go to home page, click on my picture, and you can e-mail me direct.  Thanks!   David T.