On a recent vacation in Mexico, we enjoyed an indescribable experience of a lifetime:  Swimming with the dolphins.   They were friendly and playful, and seemed to enjoy contact with humans.  We swam with them, played with them and were lifted high into the air by their noses.

The restrictions for swimming with the dolphins were extremely rigid and the trainers enforced the rules with no exceptions.    In the dolphin lagoon, there would be NO wearing of sunglasses, NO wearing of hats, and NO jewelry.

There was also a strict rule that applied to anywhere on the grounds:  NO PERFUMES OR FRAGRANCES, LOTIONS OR CREAMS.  The trainers explained that, like with humans, the toxic chemicals in these scented products made the dolphins sick.

This tourist destination does not allow these fragranced products on their property, and anyone wearing these products is turned away.  People are warned when they book their event, on the bus to the resort, and again at the entrance.  The same company owns a number of different high-end attractions, all of which we enjoyed immensely, and all enforce this rule.

The trainers understand that scented products make the dolphins sick and it is fortunate that they are standing up for these wonderful creatures.  But what about humans, especially children and babies.  Too bad big companies are not restricted from using these toxic chemicals in products for people.  The trainers look out for the dolphins, but people have to make good choices for themselves and their families.