You've come or stumbled upon this website because you or someone you know is adversely affected by scented products. Approximately 3% of Canadians have been diagnosed with environmental sensitivities and up to a third of the population may be experiencing discomfort.1 It may be from:

Body Lotion
Air Freshener
Laundry Soap
Household Cleaners

or any of the many scented products we all use or are exposed to on a daily basis. You (they) may be experiencing:

Problems with Anger Management
Chronic Pain &/or Fatigue
Difficulty Concentrating, Memory Loss
Breathing problems
Headaches / Dizziness
Stomach Problems
Erectile Dysfunction
Irritated Skin, Eyes &/or Nose

We invite you to open your mind to new possibilities and consider the option that there may be other reasons why you (or they) are not experiencing optimal health and well-being. Check it out. What do you have to lose?

The information and advice given in this website is designed to help you make informed decisions about your health. It is not intended as a substitute for any treatment that may have been described by your doctor. If you have a medical problem, we urge you to consult with your physician. By using this website you agree to not hold liable the website owners, supporters, advocates, sponsors, writers or any other affiliated parties for any information, statements, opinions, products or links contained within.

1 - Canadian Human Rights Commission Report Accommodating the Environmentally sensitive protects everyone

From One Business Owner to Another

Is your so-called “favourite” fragrance holding you back in life? Is the simple fact that you think you smell “nice” actually affecting your success? Is it possible that you may have jeopardized your chance of a new job, a commission sale, a returning customer, even a tip? If you own your own business or if […]

The Toxic Nation Guide to Spring Cleaning

Spring has sprung, and the time has come to pop the windows and clean away winter’s dust and grime. Before you reach into the cabinet under your sink, consider the ingredients in your cleaning products, and make sure you’re not replacing that dust and grime with chemical pollutants. Most conventional cleaning supplies contain ingredients that […]

Good Chemistry for Some Household Sprays

By JULIE SCELFO Published: February 10, 2010 It has been nearly a year since S. C. Johnson & Son, the maker of products like Windex, Glade and Drano, agreed to begin disclosing all the ingredients in its home-cleaning and air-care products sold in the United States, giving consumers unprecedented access to information about the chemicals […]

5 Surprising Ways to Clean Your Home with Lemons

Believe it or not, lemons are actually a handy tool to clean your home. By Emily Hsieh We touched on this earlier when we suggested cleansing your garbage disposal by tossing in leftover lemon wedges, but as it turns out there are plenty more uses for this naturally antibacterial, supremely refreshing fruit around your home. […]

Local Church Embraces Fragrance Free Environment

Thanks to Father Vic Perron and David T’s persistence and perseverance, St. Andrew Roman Catholic Church, 12810 -111 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta is encouraging parishioners to be fragrance free.  Check out the pictures of the “Importance Notice” signs on the doors and feel free to print it for your place of worship. Then send us a […]

Bonnie’s Testimonial

My name is Bonnie and I own a home in Grande Prairie. I have a serious medical condition called Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and I am now being forced out of my home by the city by laws. I was a hairdresser for 20 years and developed Multiple Chemical Sensitive’s, a serious condition which gives me mild […]

Edmonton Journal Article – Dec.7, 2009

Roberta Bradley is scent sensitive to many things, so she wears a respirator mask when she ventures out of her home. She avoids crowds as much as possible, as perfumes and detergents make her ill.

David’s Recent Ski Trip

Have any difficulties travelling as someone with Environmental Sensitivities? You can probably relate to this story. If not, please check out David’s ski story to see some of the difficulties faced by those who are chemically sensitive.